Measuring wellbeing is the next big thing in American governance. We’re proud to lead the way and we invite you to join us. So you’ll have a deeper understanding on The Wellbeing Project, here is more information on how we developed The Wellbeing Project, more data from the wellbeing index and details about what we’ve learned along the way.


Whitepaper on Community Wellbeing (PDF)

A foundational document for understanding wellbeing which examines the rationale for wellbeing measurement, highlighting research and a sampling of previous and current efforts to integrate wellbeing measurement in the academic, policy, and public arenas around the globe. 

The Wellbeing Project – FAQ (PDF)

A brief document that answers frequently asked questions about The Wellbeing Project, including the motivation behind its creation, project partners, and the key distinctions between happiness and wellbeing

The Wellbeing Index Summary Findings

A summary overview of The Wellbeing Project, its development, and highlights from the findings of Santa Monica’s first Wellbeing Index. 

The Wellbeing Index Data Briefing (PDF)

The complete findings of The Wellbeing Index; including the project design, wellbeing literature review, research methodology, and in depth analysis of Index findings. 

City of Santa Monica Demographic Profile

A data portal that provides various population, demographic and housing characteristics of Santa Monica from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Community Survey.  Provided in two formats – via a direct link to the selected statistics on the website and via a downloadable spreadsheet of data from the 2012 American Community Survey which were used to inform the 2015 Wellbeing Index.

City of Santa Monica Open Data

The City of Santa Monica is committed to being accessible and transparent. The open data portal contains raw data from numerous city departments, including elements of various data sets used in the development of the Wellbeing Index.  The open data portal is regularly updated with new or refreshed city data.  

Transferability Guide (Coming Soon):

Designed to offer guidance to those interested in measuring wellbeing in their community, the Transferability Guide will feature information about our framework development, research and data collection methodology and the translation of findings into local action.