Wellbeing Microgrants are a new approach to engage and support individuals looking to make a positive change in their community. Designed to empower local action, Civic Wellbeing Partners provides up to $500 for ideas that are focused on small scale projects to improve community wellbeing.

Why Microgrants

In order to make an a difference in community wellbeing, we need to create ways for everyone, from individual residents to nonprofits and private businesses, to do what they can to move the needle on wellbeing. This is why we are engaging and supporting Santa Monica residents through Wellbeing Microgrants. Civic Wellbeing Partners, with the partnership of the non-profit Santa Monica Bay Human Relations Council, awards up to $500 to support individuals who want to implement ideas that focus on small scale action to improve community wellbeing.


Wellbeing Microgrants
How would you use $500 to improve your community?